SQL languages for the Monaco Editor, based on monaco-languages.

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This is a SQL Languages project for Monaco Editor forked it from monaco-languages. The differences are we integrated with many kinds of SQL Languages for BigData domain, like FLinkSQL, SParkSQL, HiveSQL, and so on. We provided the basic SQL syntax validation feature by dt-sql-parser, and we are going to provide Autocomplete feature in future.

Online Preview:

Supported SQL Languages

  • Generic SQL (MySQL)
  • FLinkSQL
  • SparkSQL
  • HiveSQL


npm install monaco-sql-languages


yarn add monaco-sql-languages


Add language worker in the Webpack entry field:

entry: {
 'sparksql.worker': 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/sparksql/sparksql.worker.js',
 'flinksql.worker': 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/flinksql/flinksql.worker.js'),
 'hivesql.worker': 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/hivesql/hivesql.worker.js'),
 'mysql.worker': 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/mysql/mysql.worker.js'),
 'plsql.worker': 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/plsql/plsql.worker.js'),
 'sql.worker': 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/sql/sql.worker.js')

Define the MonacoEnvironment for worker file:

window.MonacoEnvironment = {
    getWorkerUrl: function (moduleId, label) {
        switch (label) {
            case 'sparksql': {
                return './sparksql.worker.js';
            case 'flinksql': {
                return './flinksql.worker.js';
            case 'hivesql': {
                return './hivesql.worker.js';
            case 'mysql': {
                return './mysql.worker.js';
            case 'plsql': {
                return './plsql.worker.js';
            case 'sql': {
                return './sql.worker.js';
            default: {
                return './editor.worker.js';

Import the language contribution before creating the editor by monaco-editor:

import 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/flinksql/flinksql.contribution';
import 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/hivesql/hivesql.contribution';
import 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/sparksql/sparksql.contribution';
import 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/mysql/mysql.contribution';
import 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/plsql/plsql.contribution';
import 'monaco-sql-languages/out/esm/sql/sql.contribution';

Then, set the language value you need when creating the moanco-editor instance:

monaco.editor.create(document.getElementById("container"), {
 value: "select * from tb_test",
 language: "sql" // you need

Tips: you can change the editor model language by monaco.editor.setModelLanguage(model, language)


Reference from here.

Dev: cheat sheet

  • initial setup with npm install .
  • open the dev web with npm run dev
  • compile with npm run watch
  • test with npm run test
  • bundle with npm run prepublishOnly

Dev: Adding a new language

  • create $/src/myLang/myLang.contribution.ts
  • create $/src/myLang/myLang.ts
  • create $/src/myLang/myLang.test.ts
  • edit $/src/monaco.contribution.ts and register your new language
import './myLang/myLang.contribution';

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.