A customisable mongoose plugin to use MongoDB Atlas Search feature

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Plugin to use MongoDB Atlas Search feature.

Flexible mongoose plugin that converts simple find function to aggregation with Atlas Search support, if search value is in query.

Atlas Search Docs


Atlas Search is available on all cluster tiers running MongoDB version 4.2 or later. Non-Atlas MongoDB deployments can not use it!

Important! Indexes must be created manually!


npm install mongoose-atlas-search --save


const mongoose = require('mongoose');
const atlasPlugin = require('mongoose-atlas-search');

const Schema = mongoose.Schema;

const UserSchema = new Schema(
    name: String,
    email: String,
    languagel: String,
  {collection: 'users'}

const UserModel = mongoose.model('User', UserSchema);

  model: UserModel,
  overwriteFind: true,
  searchKey: 'search',
  addFields: {
    id: '$_id'
  searchFunction: query => {
    return {
      'wildcard': {
        'query': `${query}*`,
        'path': '_id',
        'allowAnalyzedField': true


(async () => {
  const resultWithSearch = await UserModel.find({search: 'test user'}); //aggregation is used
  const resultWithoutSearch = await UserModel.find({name: 'test user'}); //standard "find" is used


option type description required
model object Instance of mongoose.Model true
searchKey string Key name in query to detect that Atlas Search should be used. Default: 'search' false
overwriteFind boolean If true, standard "find" function is overwritten. If false - plugin adds new function, projection, opts). Default: true false
searchFunction function Need to customize search step in aggregation. See example above. By default, text operator is used: {text: {searchValue, path} false
path string or [string] Required if searchFunction option is not defined depends on searchFunction option
addFields object Add aggregation step "addFields". In example above "id" field is added. false


Sergey Reus - - GitHub - stackoverflow

Feel free to create issues or PRs.