a tool for watching directories for file changes

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Monocle -- a tool for watching things

npm install monocle

var Monocle = require('monocle') (new Monocle).watchDirectory(dir, cb, watchSetupComplete, fileFilers, directoryFilters);


There are three different ways to specify filters for files and directories respectively.

  • function: a function that takes an entry info as a parameter and returns true to include or false to exclude the entry

  • glob string: a string (e.g., *.js) which is matched using minimatch, so go there for more information.

    Globstars (**) are not supported since specifiying a recursive pattern for an already recursive function doesn't make sense.

    Negated globs (as explained in the minimatch documentation) are allowed, e.g., !*.txt matches everything but text files.

  • array of glob strings: either need to be all inclusive or all exclusive (negated) patterns otherwise an error is thrown.

    [ '*.json', '*.js' ] includes all JavaScript and Json files.

    [ '!.git', '!node_modules' ] includes all directories except the '.git' and 'node_modules'.

Directories that do not pass a filter will not be recursed into.