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A month picker input and calendar for React.


Live demo:


Name Types Default Description
year number void Preselect year in calendar
month number (0..11) void Preselect month in calendar. If both year and month are specified then input field will be also prepopulated
inputProps object empty object Input field props, only id and name are supported
onChange Function: (maskedValue: string, year: number, month: number) => any - onChange callback, receives maskedValue, year and month (begins with 0) as arguments
closeOnSelect boolean false Close calendar on month select
lang string en One of: en, ja, es, fr, ru, ua, hu
i18n i18n object (optional) see i18n schema below i18n object. For now date formats must be either MM/YY or YY/MM

I18n config

Name Types Default Description
monthFormat string 'short' One of: short, long. Display short or long format of month name (E.g. Jan or January)
dateFormat { lang: string } see src/i18n.js Object where langs are keys and values can either be YY/MM or MM/YY
monthNames { lang: string[] } see src/i18n.js Object where langs are keys and values are arrays of month names


npm install react-month-picker-input --save


React-Month-Picker-Input generates an input field and year/month calendar opened on field focus.

var MonthPickerInput = require('react-month-picker-input');

  value={new Date()}
  onChange={function(selectedYear, selectedMonth) {
    console.log(selectedYear, selectedMonth);


Copyright (c) 2017 Viacheslav Kysil. MIT License.