An event driven library to update files over-the-air via mqtt client.

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An event driven nodejs library for updating file over the air via mqtt client.


npm install mqtt-ota --save

Config File Example

    "broker" : "mqtt://localhost:1884",
    "brokerUsername" : "user",
    "brokerPassword" : "password",
    "ota" : [
            "otaTopic" : "/topic1",
            "statusTopic" : "/topic1/status",
            "file" : "/home/aakash/Documents/Nodejs/lib/mqtt-ota/file1.js"
            "otaTopic" : "/topic2",
            "statusTopic" : "/status2",
            "file" : "/home/aakash/Documents/Nodejs/lib/mqtt-ota/file2.js"

broker (mandatory)-> Mqtt broker to which you wish to connect for ota.

brokerUsername (optional)-> If the mqtt broker to which you wish to connect requires credentials then you may provide this option

brokerPassword (optional)-> If the you provide username then this option becomes mandatory or even username will not be used

ota (mandatory): Atleast 1 object has to be provided
    otaTopic (mandatory)-> Topic on which the new File contents will be sent (Recommend you to use a key in the topic for security);
    statusTopic (optional)-> If you wish to be acknowledged about the updated file, then use this option
    file (mandatory)-> The file that you would like to bind to the topic, i.e, the file which you would like to update on sending the new 
                        file contents over the specified topic.


var mqttOta = require('mqtt-ota').mqttOta;

var configFile = '/home/root/mqtt/configFile.json';


Usage Example

var mqttOta = require('mqtt-ota').mqttOta;
var mqttOtaEvent = require('mqtt-ota').event;


mqttOtaEvent.on('connected', function(){
    console.log('Mqtt ota client connected');

mqttOtaEvent.on('otaData', function(ota){
    console.log('Data :' + JSON.stringify(ota));

mqttOtaEvent.on('otaUpdate', function(ota){
    console.log('Updated :' + ota.file);

mqttOtaEvent.on('error', function(err){
    console.log('Error in ota :' + err);


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style.
Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code.

Release History

* 1.0.0 Initial Release