My Sync Folders - sync files between folders based on watchman

Usage no npm install needed!

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msf(My Sync Folders) listens to changes between 2 folders and try to keep them in sync by copying changed files into the other folder. It's inspired by wml but different in following places:

  • you don't need to create links first, msf just does its job on launch
  • msf syncs folders in bi-direction


msf depends on watchman to monitor file changes, please install watchman first.

npm install -g msf-cli


msf ~/my-package ~/my-project/node_modules/my-package use msf --help to see all supported options


a .msfignore file under source folder, follows .gitignore syntax can help to ignore files from being synced. since msf is based on watchman, a .watchmanconfig with below example contents can also help to ignore files:

  "ignore_dirs": ["node_modules"]


Symlinks are not supported in react-native currently, check this thread. Copy files is almost the only option to develop a shared package for RN project, the reason we want it bi-directional is sometimes, editing native code in RN project (xcode/Android studio) is more convenient to try things out and we want the edits can be synced back to source package.