Multiple progress bars based on the "progress" package

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This module adds a layer on top of the API of progress that allows for multiple progress bars.


Install with npm: npm install multi-progress

multi-progress@4 requires progress@2 as a peer dependency. If you don't already have progress@2 as a dependency, add it like so: npm install progress@2.

// require the library
var Multiprogress = require('multi-progress');

// spawn an instance with the optional stream to write to
var multi = new Multiprogress(process.stderr);

// create a progress bar
var bar = multi.newBar('  downloading [:bar] :percent :etas', {
  complete: '=',
  incomplete: ' ',
  width: 30,
  total: size

// `bar` is an instance of ProgressBar
// Use the progressbar API with it

More detailed usage examples are available in the following projects: