Extends `minimatch.match()` with support for multiple patterns

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Extends minimatch.match() with support for multiple patterns


npm install multimatch


import multimatch from 'multimatch';

multimatch(['unicorn', 'cake', 'rainbows'], ['*', '!cake']);
//=> ['unicorn', 'rainbows']

See the tests for more usage examples and expected matches.


multimatch(paths, patterns, options?)

Returns an array of matching paths in the order of input paths.


Type: string | string[]

The paths to match against.


Type: string | string[]

Globbing patterns to use. For example: ['*', '!cake']. See supported minimatch patterns.


Type: object

See the minimatch options.

How multiple patterns work

Positive patterns (e.g. foo or *) add to the results, while negative patterns (e.g. !foo) subtract from the results.

Therefore a lone negation (e.g. ['!foo']) will never match anything. Use ['*', '!foo'] instead.

Globbing patterns

Just a quick overview.

  • * matches any number of characters, but not /
  • ? matches a single character, but not /
  • ** matches any number of characters, including /, as long as it's the only thing in a path part
  • {} allows for a comma-separated list of "or" expressions
  • ! at the beginning of a pattern will negate the match


  • globby - Match against the filesystem instead of a list
  • matcher - Simple wildcard matching

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