A re-write of the Node Multi Hashing library, which provides Javascript bindings for C/C++ based hashing algorithms.

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  import nMultiHashing from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/n-multi-hashing';



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A rewrite of node-multi-hashing in Typescript, more algorithms, and proper unit testing. This version should be much more stable, as full coverage unit testing, will ensure consistency of hashing functions, warning developers of any breaking changes. This version will also include more algorithms, and will continue to add them as development continues.


When I first got into crypto development, I forked node-multi-hashing and added a few algorithms, but admittedly was still novice in terms of development. I have gained much more experience, and decided to re-write (not algorithms) my past work, and added features I have found to be valuable (such as unit testing).


While these are not all hard requirements, I have listed what I used to develop/build this project to give more guidance.

Requirement Version
Unix OS Ubuntu*
NodeJS ~12.x.x
yarn 1.21.1
gcc ~9.x.x
node-gyp ^8.1.0

* Can be anything

Getting Started

A simple usage example to get you started. Note, that not all algorithms contain the same parameters.

import multiHashing from 'n-multi-hashing';

const hash = multiHashing.x16r(Buffer.from('ffff0000', 'hex'));

How To Build

Install Dependencies


Building Binaries

yarn build:binaries

Building Distribution

yarn build


Building Debug Binaries

yarn build:debug

Run Jest

yarn jest


Anyone is free to fork/clone this project and use at their own will. Though if you would like help develop this project, I have listed some things to note in order for your PR to be accepted.

  • When creating a PR, be descriptive about your changes, and keep your code clean and maintainable.
  • If adding algorithms, please include associated unit-tests.
  • Ensure your changes pass the CI/CD pipeline (check the Actions tab).


Want to say thank you

All I ask is you like and/or contribute to the project! :sparkling_heart:

Want to help out more

I don't need anything else, but if you would like, buy me some :coffee: maybe:

BTC: bc1qmqwa6jvus9kr3nusexvuewt0h75jj5qwka8a2u
ETH: 0x5BcEcC9710a3Aa47F84BaCb1E5EE6591dEa7a32e
RVN: RBfEoddXbXDR8fLLyCcvy5FUgdvpdof5f3

Supported Algorithms

Unit Test Algorithms Unit Test Algorithms Unit Test Algorithms
:white_check_mark: Argon2d :white_check_mark: Lyra2RE :white_check_mark: X15
:white_check_mark: Argon2i :white_check_mark: Lyra2REv2 :white_check_mark: X16r
:white_check_mark: Argon2id :white_check_mark: Lyra2REv3 :white_check_mark: X16rV2
:white_check_mark: Bcrypt :white_check_mark: Lyra2z :white_check_mark: Yescrypt
:white_check_mark: Blake :white_check_mark: NeoScrypt
:white_check_mark: boolberry :white_check_mark: NIST5
:white_check_mark: C11 :white_check_mark: Quark
:white_check_mark: CryptoNight :white_check_mark: Qubit
:white_check_mark: CryptoNight Fast :white_check_mark: Scrypt
:white_check_mark: Fresh :white_check_mark: ScryptJane
:white_check_mark: Fugue :white_check_mark: ScryptN
:white_check_mark: Groestl :white_check_mark: SHA1
:white_check_mark: Groestl Myriad :white_check_mark: SHA256d
:white_check_mark: Hefty1 :white_check_mark: Shavite3
:white_check_mark: KAWPOW :white_check_mark: Skein
:white_check_mark: Keccak :white_check_mark: X11
:white_check_mark: LBRY :white_check_mark: X13