A library for making escape room-like puzzle/adventure games based on Phaser 3.

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Navkolo is a library for making escape room-like puzzle/adventure games, where the player can navigate through static scenes, click on objects and submit answers to puzzles. Built on top of phaser framework.



npm install navkolo


Get if from jsDelivr.

Starting a game

To start a navkolo game, call

window.Navkolo.start(phaserConfig, gameConfigUrl, gameConfig)

Either gameConfigUrl or gameConfig should be passed. An example config is in test_config/config.json

Alternatively, create and start a Phaser.Game with a config in which scene is a Navkolo.Game (or its subclass).


Building js file

npm run build

Local testing

cp dist/navkolo.min.js test_config
cd test_config
python3 -m http.server

The test configuration will be served from the local web server from python.

Publishing new version

  1. Make a change, build minified js file and and test it locally
  2. Update version in package.json
  3. Run npm publish
  4. Add a version tag in git


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see LICENSE for details.