A NestJS Module for Telegram Bots

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A NestJS service wrapper for Telegram bots!


Telegram API wrapper for the Telegram Bots API made to work with the Nest framework.


$ npm install nestjs-telegram

Using the Module

// Inside of your module imports
  imports: [TelegramModule.forRoot({
    botKey: 'YourBotApiToken'

// Or async
  imports: [
      useFactory: async (configService: ConfigService) => {
        return { 
          botKey: configService.get('Telegram_API_Key')
      inject: [ConfigService]

In your service class you can inject the service like so and then use it in any function as you would any other service

export class MyService {

  constructor(private readonly telegram: TelegramService) {}

  testBot(): Observable<TelegramUser> {
    return this.telegram.getMe();

Currently, the service only returns Observables as the HttpModule does. If you want to use Promises just call .toPromise() on the function.


If any bugs are found in the API wrapper, please open an issue on GitHub, or a Pull Request if you want to fix it yourself! Please be as explicit as possible and provide a minimum reproducing repository if at all possible, as it helps track down what went wrong.


All documentation for this wrapper comes from the Telegram Bot API documentation, if there are any typos, please let me know or open a PR to fix it.


  • Implement Telegram Passport methods
  • Implement Telegram Inline mode options

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Nestjs-telegram is MIT licensed.