Netlify plugin for post-build validation of HTML

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netlify-plugin-html-validate adds the ability to validate HTML generated by your Netlify build using html-validate.


Install the plugin as a dependency to your repository

npm i --s netlify-plugin-html-validate

Configure the plugin in netlify.toml

  package = "netlify-plugin-html-validate"

    ext = "html"
    config = ".htmlvalidate.json"

The following parameters can be used for plugin.inputs

Parameter Description required default
ext The file-name extension that identifies HTML files no html
config Configuration for html-validate; e.g. .htmlvalidate.json. If left blank, html-validate's default options will be used. no
path Source to validate; provide a file name, directory or glob pattern. no

Configure validation rules for html-validate

To specify the validation rule set used by html-validate, setup a local configuration file, i.e. .htmlvalidate.json. Follow html-validate's configuration usage guide to customise your rules.