Router for searching static files.

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Utility method to route a given url according to routing config.


$ npm install neuron-router --save



  routes: [
      location: '/mod',
      root: '/home/my/.static_modules/'
      location: '/old',
      root: ['/data/public2', '/data/public'],

      // If the current router matches the pathname,
      // but the file does not exist, it will use the this `by_pass`
      by_pass: ''
      location: '/new',
      root: '/data/',
      with_location: true

  // If no router.location matches the given pathname,
  // it will search this directory
  root: '/old-data',

  // If specified and neuron-router find no corresponding file in local machine,
  // it will use the by_pass url
  by_pass: ''

router.route(pathname, callback)

var router = require('neuron-router')(config);
var pathname = '/pathname/to/a.js'
router.route(pathname, function (filename, fallback_url) {

  • config Object see above for examples

  • pathname String pathname of the url(require('url').parse(url).pathname)

  • filename String if any router matches the pathname, and the routed filename exists, it will not be null.

  • fallback_url String

If the given pathname matches the router.location, neuron-router will search the local file within router.root, and if found, the filename of the found file will be passed to callback. Otherwise, filename will be null, and if router.by_pass or config.by_pass is defined, the resolved fallback url will passed to callback as the second parameter.

route.root path

route.root can be an array of paths, neuron-router will search the file from each path one by one.

route.with_location Boolean


  • pathname: '/path/to/a.js'
  • route.location: /path
  • route.root: /data/
  • route.with_location: true

Then, neuron-router will search '/data/path/to/a.js' instead of /data/to/a.js.

And if route.with_location is false, it will search /data/to/a.js.


Adds a new route or array of routes. If the route.location is already added, the route.root will be concated with the root of the existed route.

  • routes Object|Array.<route>