Find the an package.json in the path provided upwards

Usage no npm install needed!

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Inspired by find-package-json

This package can file (by default) the nearest package.json upwards.



const findFileFrom = process.cwd();
for (const file of findSync(findFileFrom)) {
  console.log("found file:", file);

Async/await (Promises):

const findFileFrom = process.cwd();
for await (const file of findAsync(findFileFrom)) {
  console.log("found file:", file);

Note: it is important to not forget to use for await..of instead of just for..of for findAsync


Options for findSync & findAsync:

Index Name Type Default Description
0 input string none (required) The path to search from
1 base string process.cwd() The path to use as an absolute point if input is not absolute
2 fileName string package.json The Filename to search for

.next will return an object with value and done, where value is the absolute path to the file found and undefined if done is true