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This package based on vs4vijay/newman-reporter-influxdb. It was customized to work with multiple SQL Engines such MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL reporter for Newman that sends the test results information to SQL which can be used in Grafana/PowerBI to build dashboard.

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Getting Started

  1. Install newman
  2. Install newman-reporter-sql


  1. node and npm
  2. newman - npm install -g newman
  3. Install the desired SQL engine:
$ npm install --save pg pg-hstore  # PostgreSQL
$ npm install --save mysql2
$ npm install --save mariadb
$ npm install --save tedious  # Microsoft SQL Server


npm install -g newman-reporter-sql

Installation should be done globally if newman is installed globally, otherwise install without -g option.


Specify -r sql option while running the collection

newman run <collection-url> -r sql \
  --reporter-sql-dialect <mysql | mariadb | postgres | mssql> \
  --reporter-sql-server <server-name> \
  --reporter-sql-port <server-port> \
  --reporter-sql-name <database-name> \
  --reporter-sql-table <table-name> \
  --reporter-sql-username <username> \
  --reporter-sql-password <password>

MSSQL Example:

newman run -r sql \
  --reporter-sql-dialect mssql \
  --reporter-sql-server localhost \
  --reporter-sql-port 1433 \
  --reporter-sql-name newman_reports \
  --reporter-sql-table api_results \
  --reporter-sql-username sa \
  --reporter-sql-password p@ssw0rd

PostgreSQL Example:

docker run --name postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=test1234 -p 5432:5432 -d postgres
newman run -r sql \
  --reporter-sql-dialect postgres \
  --reporter-sql-server localhost \
  --reporter-sql-port 5432 \
  --reporter-sql-name postgres \
  --reporter-sql-table test1234 \
  --reporter-sql-username postgres \
  --reporter-sql-password test1234 \
  --reporter-sql-test-name "test name"


Option Remarks
--reporter-sql-dialect SQL Engine. One of: mysql, mariadb, postgres, mssql.
--reporter-sql-server IP Address or Host of SQL Server.
--reporter-sql-port Port number. Usually: 3306 for MySQL and MariaDB, 5432 for PostgreSQL, 1433 for Microsoft SQL Server.
--reporter-sql-name Database name. Already existing database.
--reporter-sql-table Table name. Table will be created automatically.
--reporter-sql-username Username created for SQL database (e.g. sa).
--reporter-sql-password Password of the user (e.g. p@ssw0rd).
--reporter-sql-debug (Optional) Reporter debug mode (default: false).
--reporter-sql-test-name (Optional) It can be useful for reporting collected data from a specific test. Example 5 iterations.


  • npm pack
  • npm i -g newman-reporter-sql.<version>.tgz
  • OR make local-install