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nextbone-firestore is a Nextbone binding for Firestore


    ✓ Fetch data on demand or listen for changes in real time
    ✓ Bind for documents or collections
    ✓ Tracking of reference / query params changes


Assumes Firebase Web SDK is properly installed and configured

import firebase from 'firebase/app'
import { FireCollection, FireModel, refSource } from 'nextbone-firestore'

const db = firebase.firestore()

class PatientsQuery extends FireCollection {
  // changes to to includeInactive will re evaluate ref / query

  query(ref) {
    // optionally add a query method to configure the query params
    const { includeInactive } = this
    let query = ref
    if (!includeInactive) {
      query = query.where('active', '==', true)
    return query

  ref() {
    // return the collection ref
    return db.collection(`patients`)

const patients = new PatientsQuery()
// get all patients once
await patients.fetch()

// observe changes in real time
// awaits for ready method to ensure data is loaded from server
await patients.ready()

// reset the query
patients.includeInactive = true
// awaits for the query with new params return
await patients.ready()

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