Sonatype Nexus deployer for npm, like maven-release-plugin

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Node module to deploy artifact in sonatype nexus like maven-release-plugin.


  • Sonatype Nexus OSS configured with npm repository.
  • Valid user from Nexus.
  • Local machine authenticated with nexus.
  • User with permission to push and commit in git repository.


# npm install -g nexus-npm

Project configuration

In the package.json add the string -SNAPSHOT in the version attribute , and add this configuration:

  "distributionManagement": {
    "releaseRegistry": "",
    "snapshotRegistry": ""


  • $ nexus-npm deploy - Generates a deploy in the nexus, if no parameter is informed generates a snapshot. Parameters accepted:
    • --release - Generates a new project release.
    • ----tag [tagName] - Name of the tag to be generated. Default version from package.json.
    • --commitPrefix [commigPrefix] - Prefix for commit message. Default is "[nexus-npm] -".
  • $ nexus-npm verify - check if configuration is correct.
  • $ nexus-npm clean - removes generated files.
  • $ nexus-npm rollback - rollback the package.json to last status before a deploy execution.

Customizing .npmrc file

To customize .npmrc file use --npmrcPath or -p param.


$ nexus-npm verify --npmrcPath /custom/path/.npmrc


$ nexus-npm verify -p /custom/path/.npmrc

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