Angular and RxJs event bus with Mediator Pattern

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Meditor Pattern based EventBus service mechanism as Angular service using RxJs. You can publish events to a bus and any component can subscribe the events. Subscribers of your event (event identification is being done using event-name as string).

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This library was generated with Angular CLI version 8.3.29.

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How to consume

To get more help on the Angular CLI use ng help or go check out the Angular CLI README.

  1. Install npm package ngrx-event-bus.

    npm i ngrx-event-bus --save
  2. Import Module

import {NgRxEventBusModule} from 'ngrx-event-bus';

  imports:[NgRxEventBusModule ],

  1. Register the events if you'd like to support events
    //create Event class and inherit by IEvent
    export class BusEvents implements IEvent {
        public static TitleChangeEvent: string = "TitleChangeEvent";

    import {NgRxEventBusService,EmitEvent, IEvent} from 'ngrx-event-bus';
    export class AppComponent  {
        constructor(private eventBus: NgRxEventBusService) { 
          //Optional event registeration
          //default value is optional and if sent it will register event with BehaviorSubject
          //registerEvent will help when you are emitting event before someone subscribing to it
          this.eventBus.registerEvent(BusEvents.TitleChangeEvent,{title:"default title"});
        title = "Demo";
        ngOnInit() {
            //Register Event Listner
            this.eventBus.on(BusEvents.TitleChangeEvent, (title: string) => {
                this.title = title;
  1. Publish Event if you'd like some one to subscribe
    import { EmitEvent,NgRxEventBusService } from 'ngrx-event-bus';
    export class TitleComponent {
        constructor(private eventBus: NgRxEventBusService) { }
        textValue = '';
        onChangeTitle(title) {
            this.eventBus.emit(new EmitEvent(BusEvents.TitleChangeEvent, this.textValue));

What is new in 2.1.1?

With this release you can able to get First, Last and All values with your first subscription.

    this.eventBus.on(BusEvents.TitleChangeEvent, (title: string) => {
                this.title = title;

            this.eventBus.on(BusEvents.TitleChangeEvent, (title: string) => {
                this.title = title;

            this.eventBus.on(BusEvents.TitleChangeEvent, (title: string[]) => {
                this.title = string.join(title,',');
        export enum EmitRecord {
              First = 1,
              Last = 2,
              All = 3

Thumb Rules

  1. Event class should implements by IEvent.
  2. Declare static string under Event Class.