Nightingale Line Graph

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Nightingale line graph track component is used to display multiple line graphs (either linear or d3 curves). It inherits from Protvista-track.



API Reference


length: number

The protein or nucleic acid sequence length.

height: number (optional)

The height of the track.

data: Array

The data expects the following structure.

    name: String,
    range:[min, max],
    colour?: Line colour,
        (Colour will be assigned if not provided. Use "none" for no line colour)
    fill?: Create area plot using given fill colour (default "none"),
    lineCurve?: 'curveLinear'(default)|'curveBasis'|'curveCardinal'|'curveStep'|'curveNatural',
        (More curves -
    values: [
            position: Number,
            value: Number

also see protvista-track