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(Node.js V8 --inspector Manager Server-side)

What is NiMS?

NiMS is also a way to install NiM from the command line.

The goal of NiMS are the following:

  • CLI method of installing NiM.
  • Add push/trigger based inspector sessions (vs client side polling).

... What is NiM?

NiM streamlines your Node.js development cycle when using Node V8 Inspector "--inspect" and Chrome DevTools. NiM GitHub page ->

Setup / Usage / How To

  1. npm install nims
  2. Complete install of NiM via Chrome Web Store:
  3. Done! Run your node app with the --inspect flag and NiM will manage the Chrome DevTools Window/Tab.


Need Additional Information about NiM?

Note: At the time of writing, the v8 --inspect option is fairly new. See for additional details on the option.

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