Record audio via node using SoX or Arecord.

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Audio recorder

Audio recorder for Node.js, delivers a 16-bit signed-integer linear pulse modulation WAV stream. Based of Gilles De Mey's node-record-lpcm16.


npm install node-audiorecorder


This module requires you to install SoX and it must be available in your $PATH.

For Linux

sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all

For MacOS

brew install sox

For Windows

Download the binaries



// Import module.
const AudioRecorder = require('node-audiorecorder')

// Options is an optional parameter for the constructor call.
// If an option is not given the default value, as seen below, will be used.
const options = {
  program: `rec`, // Which program to use, either `arecord`, `rec`, or `sox`.
  device: null, // Recording device to use, e.g. `hw:1,0`

  bits: 16, // Sample size. (only for `rec` and `sox`)
  channels: 1, // Channel count.
  encoding: `signed-integer`, // Encoding type. (only for `rec` and `sox`)
  format: `S16_LE`, // Encoding type. (only for `arecord`)
  rate: 16000, // Sample rate.
  type: `wav`, // Format type.

  // Following options only available when using `rec` or `sox`.
  silence: 2, // Duration of silence in seconds before it stops recording.
  thresholdStart: 0.5, // Silence threshold to start recording.
  thresholdStop: 0.5, // Silence threshold to stop recording.
  keepSilence: true, // Keep the silence in the recording.
// Optional parameter intended for debugging.
// The object has to implement a log and warn function.
const logger = console

// Create an instance.
let audioRecorder = new AudioRecorder(options, logger)

If you can't capture any sound with 'arecord' try to running 'arecord -l' to which devices are available.

See the arecord documentation for more detail on its options.

See the sox documentation for more detail on the rec and sox options.


// Creates and starts the recording process.
// Stops and removes the recording process.
// Returns the stream of the recording process.


See the examples directory for example usage.

For another example see the node-hotworddetector module, or Electron-VoiceInterfaceBoilerplate's input.js.


Windows continues recording

If you have issues with continues recording on Windows 10 with SoX 14.4.2 or later, install version 14.4.1 instead.


MIT license