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node-knime is a simple wrapper over knime's REST api.

Getting Started

To install the node-knime run:

npm install node-knime

or if you prefer yarn:

yarn add node-knime

Tweak the options in the example code below to match that of your kime server, run the script, and if all goes well, you should see the version of your knime server get printed out to the console. ✨

const { KnimeClient } = require("node-knime");

const options = {
  username: "<username>",
  password: "<password>",
  knimeServerUrl: "http://url-to-your-knime-server/knime/rest"

(async () => {
  const knime = new KnimeClient({ ...options });
  console.log(await knime.getVersion());
  console.log(await knime.root.children);
})().catch(error => console.log(error.message));


node-knime's api is highly inspired by the child-parent architecture of the browser DOM; So you can basically traverse from parent to child nodes (Workflows) in a similar manner. So if you've ever used document.getElementById, then using this library should feel somewhat familar.


Much of node-knime's api uses promises. At this point, it only supports the native promise impelmentation, so if you use bluebird or other promise implementations - sadly, you're outta luck. But, don't fret, future versions will likely support other promise implementations.


Project is still in it's early stages, do check back soon :)


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