Transforms Raspberry Pi Compute Modules and Zeros to mass storage devices.

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Transforms Raspberry Pi Compute Modules and Zeros to mass storage devices.


For usage, see the example.

On most GNU/Linux distributions, you'll need to run this as root.

Import UsbbootScanner, instanciate it, then on the instance attach the following event listeners:

  • attach: a device was connected and we started transforming it to a mass storage device;
  • detach: a device was detached, note that this could mean that it was physically detached or that it was successfully transformed into a mass storage device;
  • error: an error occured.

The attach and detach event listeners will get a UsbbootDevice as parameter. This object will emit progress events which parameter is the percentage of completion. The progress will be 100 when the device reattaches itself as a mass storage device. This will be followed by a detach event from the UsbbootScanner (because the device will no longer be a usbboot device).


This is heavily based on Raspberry Pi USB booting code.

It should support Raspberry Pi Compute Modules and Raspberry Pi Zeros.

This module will upload a slightly more complex kernel to the pis than the original code above, it allows the devices to reach higher write speeds at the cost of a longer preparation phase.


If you have any trouble using this module, please check if it works with the original usb boot link above.

You can enable debug output by setting the DEBUG env var to node-raspberrypi-usbboot.