This node is specifically designed to work with ESP-GO home control software - link and info at

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A node to handle ESP8266 login to a central controller


The esplogin node is specifically designed to work with the home control software ESP-GO at taking in MQTT login data from ESP12-based boards and outputting MQTT to the boards to give them time, date, dusk and dawn info.

It also (optionally) outputs logging info to MSQL, SQLITE databases as well as for a flat output file and (JSON format) time and dusk/dawn.


Output is generated every 12 hours to all units (toesp) and on demand to any unit requesting info (xxx/toesp) by sending a payload including the ID of the unit (

The information provided includes the time, dusk and dawn info for a given long/lat. Search on the site for "home control 2018" and "ESP-GO". See other nodes such as node-red-contrib-bigtimer.