A i2c digital light sensor node for Grove Base HAT for Raspberry Pi.

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This is a Node-RED node to get readings from the Grove Digital Light Sensor( connected to the Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi.

To get it working you have to install it in Node-RED at least ;-)

After this realize the new node "grove-i2c-digital-light-sensor" in the group "grove". Drop it on your flow and add a trigger to its input and connect a debug node afterwards. Happily watch the actualy calculated values of the sensor in a nice way.

The rest is up to you!

The underlying python script, which is friendly picked from Cedric Maion, get's both the IR-reading and ambient reading from the sensor. It then scales the the readings and calculates the lux-value.

The included javascript handles the communication between Node-RED and the python script and hands over the values: lux ("msg.payload.lux"), visible light + infrared ("msg.payload.visibleWithInfrared"), infrared ("msg.payload.infrared"), gain ("msg.payload.gain") and timing ("msg.payload.timing").

January 2021