Nodes to help automate light states, dimming, colour and other controls.

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Lighting effect extensions for node-red-contrib-light.

The primary reason this node set was created was to easily control any automated lights using the Hue Dimmer Light Switch.

How it works

Christmas Example

Pick the effect node you want, configure it, and wire it up to a node-red-config-light Updates node.

Donations Donate

If you would like to donate some money to support ongoing development or as a simple thank you for me sharing this project for others to use, please feel free to send money via PayPal.


Of course, this software is completely opensource and offered with absolutely NO WARRANTY whatsoever offered or implied.

If you choose to set up your own lighting system, and your house burns to the ground, it's your problem, nothing to do with this software as there is no warranty whatsoever. Up to you to use it completely at your own risk. So YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!