A Node-RED node to send Pushover notification and Pushover glances

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A Node-RED node to send alerts via Pushover.

Supports rich notification with image attachment.


Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-pushover


Required Inputs

  • msg.payload(required): The body of the notification, supports a few html tags

Optional Inputs

  • msg.topic: This will be used as the title of the notification if Title is not set
  • msg.image: The URL of the image in notification. Local file path or http(s) url
  • msg.attachment: Inline image. Array of bytes
  • msg.url: Can add an url to your notification
  • msg.url_title: Can set the title of the url
  • msg.priority: -2/-1/1/2, see explain
  • msg.device: Default for all device if not provided. Separated by a comma
  • msg.sound: Name of the notification sound, see the list
  • msg.timestamp: A unix timestamp to specific the date time of your notification

See for more details.

Pushover Glances

With Pushover's Glances API, you can push small bits of data directly to a constantly-updated screen, referred to as a widget, such as a complication on your smart watch or a widget on your phone's lock screen.

Available Inputs

  • msg.payload: This will be used as the title if Title is not set
  • msg.text: The main line
  • msg.subtext: The second line
  • msg.count: The number
  • msg.percent: The progress bar/circle
  • msg.device: Device name, default for all