To compare two xml strings and highlight the differences

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xml compare is node.js package to compare two xml strings, and generate their differences as a html encoded string sothat it could be directly duped into a code block in an html page.


xml compare is built on top of sax-js. sax-js.


It can be installed via.

npm install node-xml-compare


To use this just pass the xml strings you want to compare into the xmlcompare variable.

var xmlcompare = require('node-xml-compare');

xml1 = "<sample><a>1</a><a>2</a><a>4</a><b>4</b></sample>";
xml2 = "<sample><a>2</a><a>1</a><a>3</a><c>3</c></sample>";

xmlcompare(xml1, xml2, function(result) {

    //render result[-] to html page to show the xml1 nodes that are not in xml2
    //render result[+] to html page to show the xml2 nodes that are not in xml1