Adds custom fields to the profile

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NodeBB: Custom Fields

Adds additional fields to the user's profile. Would you like to provide gender option for user profiles, or zodiac, or twitter handler, or facebook page, this plugin will help you.

Version Dependencies


Field Management

Custom Fields List

Field Creation

Field Creation


Profile View

Plugin provides additional collection under customFields field in user data for Account/Profile page.

You can use predefined templates via IMPORT directive.

NodeBB 1.x.x, Persona, Flex Version (insert link on template in user's profile template wherever you like):

<!-- IMPORT partials/account/custom_fields_flex.tpl -->

For old versions of NodeBB/Persona you could use legacy templates:

<!-- IMPORT partials/account/custom_fields_panel.tpl -->


<!-- IMPORT partials/account/custom_fields_two_columns.tpl -->