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Nodeledge-base was highly inspired by Raneto. This version has support for more authentication types such as:

  • LDAP
  • Google Auth

nodeledge-base has plans to support many more forms of authentication.

Creating an Instance

Create a server with

// Require modules
var debug = require('debug')('nodeledge-base');
var nb = require('nodeledge-base');

// Import configurations
var config = require('./config.js');
var app = nb(config);

// Load the Server
var server = app.listen(app.get('port'), function () {
  debug('Express HTTP server listening on port ' + server.address().port);

Configuration Options

var config = {

  // Your site title (format: page_title - site_title)
  site_title: 'Raneto Docs',

  // The base URL of your site (can use %base_url% in Markdown files)
  base_url: '',

  // Used for the "Get in touch" page footer link
  support_email: '',

  // Footer Text / Copyright
  copyright: 'Copyright &copy; ' + new Date().getFullYear() + ' - <a href="">Powered by Raneto</a>',

  // Excerpt length (used in search)
  excerpt_length: 400,

  // The meta value by which to sort pages (value should be an integer)
  // If this option is blank pages will be sorted alphabetically
  page_sort_meta: 'sort',

  // Should categories be sorted numerically (true) or alphabetically (false)
  // If true category folders need to contain a "sort" file with an integer value
  category_sort: true,

  // Controls behavior of home page if meta ShowOnHome is not present. If set to true
  // all categories or files that do not specify ShowOnHome meta property will be shown
  show_on_home_default: true,

  // Which Theme to Use?
  theme_dir  : path.join(__dirname, 'node_modules', 'nodeledge-base', 'themes'),
  theme_name : 'default',

  // Specify the path of your content folder where all your '.md' files are located
  // Fix: Needs trailing slash for now!
  // Fix: Cannot be an absolute path
  content_dir : path.join(__dirname, 'content'),

  // Where is the public directory or document root?
  public_dir  : path.join(__dirname, 'node_modules', 'nodeledge-base', 'themes', 'default', 'public'),

  // The base URL of your images folder,
  // Relative to config.public_dir
  // (can use %image_url% in Markdown files)
  image_url: '/images',

  // Add your analytics tracking code (including script tags)
  analytics: '',

  // Set to true to enable the web editor
  allow_editing : true,

  // Set to true to enable HTTP Basic Authentication
  authentication : true,

  // If editing is enabled, set this to true to only authenticate for editing, not for viewing
  authentication_for_edit: true,

  // If authentication is enabled, set this to true to enable authentication for reading too
  authentication_for_read: false,

  // Google OAuth
  googleoauth: false,
  oauth2 : {
    client_id: 'GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID',
    client_secret: 'GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET',
    callback: 'http://localhost:3000/auth/google/callback',
    hostedDomain: ''
  ldapauth: true,
  ldap : {
    server: {
        url: 'ldap://',
    usernameField: '',
    passwordField: ''
  secret: 'someCoolSecretRightHere',

  credentials    : [
      username : 'admin',
      password : 'password'
      username : 'admin2',
      password : 'password'

  locale: 'en',

  // Support search with extra languages
  searchExtraLanguages: ['ru'],

  // Sets the format for datetime's
  datetime_format: 'Do MMM YYYY',

  // Set to true to render suitable layout for RTL languages
  rtl_layout: false,

  // Edit Home Page title, description, etc.
  home_meta : {
    // title       : 'Custom Home Title',
    // description : 'Custom Home Description'

  // variables: [
  //   {
  //     name: 'test_variable',
  //     content: 'test variable'
  //   },
  //   {
  //     name: 'test_variable_2',
  //     content: 'test variable 2'
  //   }
  // ]

  table_of_contents: false



Supported Node Versions:

  • v10.x.x
  • v8.x.x


The original version was created by Gilbert Pellegrom from Dev7studios.

It is also maintained by Ryan Lelek from Released under the MIT license.