NoFlo Component Loader generator for WebPack and other module bundlers

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NoFlo Component Loader generator

This utility can be used for generating statically configured NoFlo component loaders when building NoFlo with a module bundler like WebPack.


Install this library as a development dependency:

$ npm install noflo-component-loader --save-dev

Then configure WebPack to replace NoFlo's dynamic component loader with a generated one. Add to your module.rules:

  // Replace NoFlo's dynamic loader with a generated one
  test: /noflo\/lib\/loader\/register.js$/,
  use: [
      loader: 'noflo-component-loader',
      options: {
        // Only include components used by this graph
        // Set to NULL if you want all installed components
        graph: 'myproject/GraphName',
        // Whether to include the original component sources
        // in the build
        debug: false,

Note: If you need to support building on Windows, the test above must be adapted to the \ path separator. Use ([\\]+|\/) instead of \/.

For a more complete example, see the example/ folder.


  • 0.4.1 (Nov 24 2020)
    • Fixed an issue with running custom component loaders
  • 0.4.0 (Nov 23 2020)
    • The generated code is now ES6
  • 0.3.5 (Sep 24 2020)
    • Fixed a bug with the getLanguages method
  • 0.3.4 (Sep 24 2020)
    • Component specs are now included in the bundle when the debug option is enabled
  • 0.3.3 (Sep 17 2020)
    • Added support for the new getLanguages() component loader method
  • 0.3.2 (Sep 23 2018)
    • Fixed getSource handling of components without a library prefix
  • 0.3.1 (Jul 28 2018)
    • setSource failures now provide more verbose errors including the component library and name
  • 0.3.0 (Jan 11 2018)
    • Try to run ES6 components directly without transpiling if Babel is not available. Most platforms support it now