style foundation to be shared between N&K projects

Usage no npm install needed!

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Style foundation to be shared between Natur&Kultur projects.


build workflow

yarn install - install dependencies

yarn build:dev - builds development version

yarn build - builds production version


  • When pushing not a final (beta) version of nokstrap to master branch please make sure to use version format x.y.z-beta.n in package.json. In this case build process will publish npm package with "beta" tag.
  • When releasing a new version - please use x.y.z version format in package.json. It will automatically publish to with "latest" tag.

This functionality is controlled by npm-publish.js.


Beware - Sass version is autogenerated and may be buggy.

IcoMoon iconfont

  • Upload the selection.json in the "IcoMoon App" to populate the iconfont with the previously used icons.
  • Add other IcoMoon-icons to the font.
  • Generate Font.
  • Overwrite the old files with the new ones.