Normalize parser tests

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  import normalizeParserTest from '';



A node.js package for rendering JavaScript parser tests in a uniform way. Exports a single function (default), which takes and returns the text of a syntactically valid ECMAScript 6 program, replacing variable names and constants in a uniform way. Whitespace, comments, and nontrivial names and constants are preserved.

An optional second argument provides an options bag. Current valid options are isModule (to parse as a module) and parseFn (if you want to provide your own parsing function, which should produce Shift-format ASTs). It is not legal to provide both.


let normalize = require('normalize-parser-test').default;
normalize("let[x]=y, unicode\\u{50}, foo,      something = /* kewl */ 42+1337  , bar = 'baz'+\"zz\";");
// returns "let[a]=b, unicode\\u{50}, c,      d = /* kewl */ 1+2  , e = 'f'+\"g\";"