Executable to convert a notion export zip to single md file with md tables instead of csv

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Notion Export Table Converter

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It's convenient that Notion allows for markdown export, but it unfortunately cannot turn tables into Markdown. Instead, Notion's export creates a zip that includes tables as CSV files.

The Notion Export Table Converter script processes this zip file and inserts Markdown tables from the CSV

Original Notion doc Markdown export Markdown export with Notion Export Table Converter
Original file in notion Unconverted markdown Converted markdown

To convert your page, click the options in the upper-right in Notion and pick "Export." The export format must be "Markdown & CSV" and include subpages must be enabled. If subpages are not included, the data for the tables will not be accessible.

Then you can run the script to convert tables:

# do one of these depending on your package manager
$ npm install -g notion-export-table-converter
$ yarn global add notion-export-table-converter

# now pass in the zip file (no need to extract) that you wish to convert
$ notion-export-table-converter ~/Downloads/ >