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Staging instances with now + travis


Each pull request gets it's own deployment instance https://{author}-{repo}-{branch-name}

This is updated on every commit to the matching pull request.

The master branch is deployed on https://{author}-{repo}



You need 2 tokens for now-cd to work

  1. now API token

    You can generate a token from account/tokens. Call it NOW_CD_TOKEN

  2. Github API token

    You can generate a token from settings/tokens/new, call it NOW_CD_GITHUB_TOKEN

Now set these in travis repository settings This is how.



add this to .travis.yml:

  - npx now-cd


custom per-branch aliases

use the --alias option to set custom aliases per-branch:

npx now-cd --alias "" --alias ""

all commits to master will now be aliased to, and all commits to the staging branch will now be aliased to!


team account

use the --team option to mention your team name

npx now-cd --team auth0-design


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