Search github issues based on the node modules you've installed locally

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npm-doctor is a command that searches known issues of all your installed npm modules at once, and gives you the matching results of your query.


For example, when this happens

npm install
npm start
RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
# wait what... but this was working a second ago

do this,

npm-doctor "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"
found 1 result...

the new version of a_bad_module is saying call stack size exceeded. Here's how I fixed it.

In the above example, a_bad_module was a dependency of my project, and my project was working fine. But when I ran npm install a newer version was pulled in that shouldn't have broken anything, but did with a cryptic error message.


npm install -g npm-doctor


npm-doctor [options] [query]

where the following options are available:
--depth [int] The maximum depth of your local node modules that should be included in the search
--limit [int] (defaults to 10) The maximum number of results you would like logged to console --nolimit Removes the default limit of 10 issues for logging


When you find issues with npm-doctor, please file them here


Feel free to contribue. But please add tests and keep coverage at 100%. You can run tests by doing npm test, and view the coverage report at the bottom of the output.