Pushes Nuxt.js plugins to the end of the list instead of the start.

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Pushes Nuxt.js plugins to the end of the list instead of the start.

When calling this.addPlugin inside a Nuxt module, Nuxt does in fact not add the plugin to the end of the list, but to the beginning via Array.unshift. There are cases where you actually want to push plugins to the end of the list so that they can make use of already-added plugins. This package provides a helper function to do that.


# npm
$ npm install nuxt-push-plugins

# Yarn
$ yarn add nuxt-push-plugins


Import the function into your Nuxt module and call it by passing this and the plugins you want to add. It behaves like Array.push.

// module.js

import nuxtPushPlugins from 'nuxt-push-plugins'

export default function () {

  // single plugin
  nuxtPushPlugins(this, require.resolve('./plugin'))

  // plugin object
  nuxtPushPlugins(this, {
    src: require.resolve('./plugin'),
    mode: 'client',

  // multiple plugins
    { src: require.resolve('./plugin'), mode: 'client' },


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