Raven Error handling for Octoblu Services and workers.

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  import octobluRaven from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/octoblu-raven';



Raven Error handling for Octoblu Services and Workers.

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npm install --save octoblu-raven


Configuration Environment


env SENTRY_DSN='the-sentry-dsn'


const options = {
  dsn: 'the-sentry-dsn',
  logFn: function() {}
new OctobluRaven(options)

NOTE: if no DSN is provided, it default to normal behavior and will not log with sentry


!IMPORTANT: As of v4.0.0 use the new expressBundle method since it makes everyones life easier.

There is no longer a need for including express-send-error since that is included in the bundle.

For use with express apps.

express      = require 'express'
OctobluRaven = require 'octoblu-raven'
app          = express()

new OctobluRaven().handleExpress({ app })

Catch Uncaught Exceptions

Use at the root the project, typically in ./command.js. This can be used independently or with the use of the Express Middleware.

OctobluRaven = require 'octoblu-raven'
new OctobluRaven().patchGlobal()

Report Error, or Message

Use this to manually report an error or message to Sentry.

OctobluRaven = require 'octoblu-raven'
octobluRaven = new OctobluRaven()
octobluRaven.reportError(new Error('oh no'))