Node.js native binding to libogg

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Node.js native binding to libogg

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This module provides a Writable stream interface for decoding ogg files, and a Readable stream for encoding ogg files. libogg only provides the interfaces for multiplexing the various streams embedding into an ogg file (and vice versa), therefore this module is intended to be used in conjunction with a node-ogg-compatible stream module, like node-vorbis and node-theora.


node-ogg comes bundled with its own copy of libogg, so there's no need to have the library pre-installed on your system.

Simply compile and install node-ogg using npm:

$ npm install ogg

NOTE: node-ogg requires to be built using node-gyp v0.8.0 or newer!


Here's an example of using the Decoder class and simply listening for the raw events and console.log()s information about each "packet" emitted from each ogg stream:

var fs = require('fs');
var ogg = require('ogg');
var file = __dirname + '/Hydrate-Kenny_Beltrey.ogg';

var decoder = new ogg.Decoder();

decoder.on('stream', function (stream) {
  console.log('new "stream":', stream.serialno);

  // emitted for each `ogg_packet` instance in the stream.
  stream.on('data', function (packet) {
    console.log('got "packet":', packet.packetno);

  // emitted after the last packet of the stream
  stream.on('end', function () {
    console.log('got "end":', stream.serialno);

// pipe the ogg file to the Decoder

See the examples directory for some more example code.


Decoder class

The Decoder class is a Writable stream that accepts an ogg file written to it, and emits "stream" events when a new stream is encountered. The DecoderStream instance is a readable stream that outputs ogg_packet Buffer instances.encountered, which you are then expected to pass along to a ogg stream decoder.

Encoder class

The Encoder class is a Readable stream where you are given EncoderStream instances and are required to write ogg_packets received from an ogg stream encoder to them in order to create a valid ogg file.

OGG Stream Decoders/Encoders

Here's a list of known ogg stream decoders and encoders that are compatible with / depend on node-ogg. Please send pull requests for additional modules if you write one.

Module Decoder? Encoder?