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oi.select — AngularJS directive of select element

Download 0.2.22


  • multiselect
  • API compatible with Angular select
  • Angular 1.2+ without jQuery and other dependencies
  • search options by substring (including the search query to the server)
  • use Bootstrap styles (but you can use own styles)
  • 17 KB minified


Do you want to see module in action? Visit tamtakoe.github.io/oi.select or try playground


You can download files through Bower:

npm install -g bower
bower install oi.select

or use npm:

npm install --save oi.select

or use local:

npm install
npm install -g bower
npm install -g gulp
bower install

run local:

open "http://localhost:3000"

make build and run tests:

gulp build
gulp test

Then you need to include into index.html:

select.min.js or select-tpls.min.js

When you are done downloading all the dependencies and project files the only remaining part is to add dependencies on the oi.select AngularJS module:

angular.module('myModule', ['oi.select']);

Use oi-select directive:

    oi-options="item.name for item in shopArr track by item.id"


oi-select directive

  • oi-options — see: ngOptions
    • oi-options="item for item in shopArrShort | limitTo: 3" — filter input list
    • oi-options="item for item in shopArrFn($query, $selectedAs)" — generate input list (expects array/object or promise)
  • ng-model — chosen item/items
  • ng-disabled — specifies that a drop-down list should be disabled
  • multiple — specifies that multiple options can be selected at once
  • multiple-limit — maximum number of options that can be selected at once
  • placeholder — native placeholder
  • multiple-placeholder — placeholder which is shown in multiple mode near chosen options
  • list-placeholder — placeholder which is shown in list if no elements found
  • readonly — specifies that an input field is read-only
  • autofocus — specifies that an input field should automatically get focus when the page loads
  • oi-select-options — object with options. You can override them in oiSelectProvider.options
    • debounce — timeout of debounced input field (default: 500). Set only if value is function which return promise
    • searchFilter — filter name for items in search field
    • dropdownFilter — filter name for items in dropdown
    • groupFilter — filter name for group header
    • listFilter — filter name for items order in dropdown. Use none to disable filtering. You can set special options (see Filtered example)
    • editItem — function which get lastQuery, removedItem and getLabel(item) and return string for input after element was removed (default: ''). editItem = true allows you to edit a deleted item. editItem = 'correct' same as true but does not edit the first time
    • saveTrigger — Trigger on which element is stored in the model. May be enter, blur, space, tab and any characters devided by spaces (default: enter tab blur)
    • cleanModel — Clean model on click for single select.
    • closeList — close dropdown list by default after choosing or removing item (default: true)
    • newItem — Mode of adding new items from query (default: false). May be autocomplete (priority save matches), prompt (priority save new item)
    • newItemModel — New items model (default: model = query). $query value from model will be changed to query string.
    • newItemFn — function which get query and return new item object or promise. F.e. 'addItem($query)'
    • removeItemFn — function which get removed item model and return any value or promise. If promise was rejected, item wouldn't removed. F.e. 'removeItem($item)'
    • maxlength — maximum number of characters allowed in the input
    • minlength — minimum number of characters for searching

oiSelect service

  • options — default options which we can override in oiSelectProvider.options
  • version — current version