A typescript library based on [only]( project

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OnlyTS is a typescript package based on only project. It will receive an array or object and return only the expected values, some more examples are below.


run the following command on your npm project.

$ npm i only-ts

Getting Started

Let's imagine that we have a form-body-data-like this (like req.body) :

type FormData = {
    [key: string]: any,

and we receive this form data to create a new user:

const personData: FormData = {
    name: 'Willson',
    age: '24',
    jwtoken: 'some-token',

But we don't want that a user can sets up your own JWToken, so we just use only to extract what we want from this data, like that:

import only from 'only-ts'

// ...

only(personData, ['name', 'age']); // = { name: 'Willson', age: '24' }

// ...

You can also use aliases:

only(personData, ['name as username', 'age']); // = { username: 'Willson', age: '24' }

And you can get data from nested objects too:

only({ user: personData }, [' as username', 'age']); // = { username: 'Willson', age: '24' }

And finally, you can make a nested object throught the aliases, like this:

only({ user: personData }, [' as person.username', 'age']); // = { person: { username: 'Willson' }, age: '24' }

you can abuse of this feature, but it can cost performance problems (but it's just a function so, I think that in the most cases nothing stressful can happen)

Hope you enjoy this package, and for issues, you can talk with me on the Project issues platform whenever you want :D