Tool for converting OPA test results into JUnit test results

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  import opa2junit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/opa2junit';



NodeJS tool for converting OPA test results to JUnit test results

opa2junit -f input.json


$ npm install -g opa2junit

opa2junit can then be used in a number of different ways. The recommendation for CI/CD processes is to pipe the result in. This will result in the resulting junit file being written to the console.

opa test . | opa2junit

For CLI options, use the -h or --help options

opa2junit --help

To read in from a file rather than the pipe, use the -f or --file parameters. Note that the -f parameter takes precedence over pipes

opa2junit --file results.json

To write the resulting output to a file rather than the console, use the -o or --output parameters

opa test . | opa2junit --output test-results/test.xml

Note that the above parameters can be used together.

opa2junit -f results.json -o test-results/test.xml

By default, if any tests fail, or error, then opa2junit will return a non-zero return code. This can be disabled by using the -s or --safe parameters

opa2junit -f file-with-errors.json -s