A webpack loader for data in the OpenFlights format.

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  import openflightsLoader from '';


OpenFlights loader

A Webpack loader for OpenFlights-formatted data


This Webpack loader allows you to load OpenFlights formatted data.

It is not produced by OpenFlights - check them out here and here!

  1. Add loader to your Webpack config.


    module.exports = {
      module: {
        rules: [
            test: /airports.dat$/i,
            loader: 'openflights-loader',
  2. Import and use. You can download data from here.

    import airports from './airports.dat'
  3. If using TypeScript, you may add the following declaration for typed imports:

    declare module '*/airports.dat' {
      import { Airport } from 'openflights-loader'
      const _default: Airport[]
      export default _default

Note: This has been developed to suit my needs but additional use cases and contributions are very welcome.

MIT License - Copyright © Daniel Roe