developer tool for creating opentok sessions and tokens using command line

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A command line interface developer tool for creating OpenTok sessions and tokens.


npm install optk-cli -g


You can run optk -h to see a list of commands and their options.

Storing a key and secret

There are 3 ways to specify a key and secret when a command. They are listed in order of priority:

  • command line parameters (-k, --key, -s, --secret)
  • environment variables (OPTK_KEY, OPTK_SECRET)
  • local .optk file (see below)


You can use any combination of the above, but note the priority of which values are read. For example:

$ OPTK_KEY=12345 OPTK_SECRET=abcdef optk session --key 67890

In the command above, the key specified as a command line parameter will override the key specified in the environment variable.

Using a local .optk file

You can create a file named .optk in your home directory (Mac OS X or Linux: ``~/.optk, Windows: $USERPROFILE/.optk`) to specify your key and secret.

The format of the file is the following: