DSL for describing simple vector graphics

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  import orthogonal from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/orthogonal';



Orthogonal is a DSL for describing simple vector graphics. It can be used in JavaScript or any compiles-to-JavaScript language. The following examples are written in CoffeeScript.

Here’s “Hello, world” in Orthogonal:

orthogonal = require 'orthogonal'

square = (orthogonal.R 2)(orthogonal.D 2)(orthogonal.L 2)(orthogonal.U 2)

Right two, down two, left two, up two. This “draws” a 2×2 square.

It’s possible to extend the global object to make the R, D, L, and U functions (and their lower-case counterparts) easier to reference:


square = (R 2)(D 2)(L 2)(U 2)

Now for something a bit more advanced:


Note: The image above is actually a PNG created from the SVG created from the CoffeeScript source file. (GitHub no longer renders SVGs.)

The source code is in octocat.coffee.



“Draw” a line in the direction determined by the function (e.g. right in the case of orthogonal.R). A filled region can be described by “drawing” several line segments in succession.


Move in the direction determined by the function (e.g. right in the case of orthogonal.r). These functions reposition the “pen”, making it possible to describe multiple filled regions.


Attach orthogonal.{R,D,L,U,r,d,l,u} to the provided object. Extending the global object is recommended.


Determine the bounds — expressed as [left,top,right,bottom] — for the provided array of coordinates.

orthogonal.formatters.svg(path, scale = 1)

Get the SVG representation of the provided path.

orthogonal.formatters.svg (r 8)(d 8)(R 2)(D 2)
# => 'm 8,8 l 2,0 l 0,2'