Parses through OSM changeset discussion and notes files and puts them into a postgres db

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import osmCommentsNotesParser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/osm-comments-notes-parser';



Notes and comments parser

Reads XML files and saves into database.


Run npm install

Setup database:

createdb <db_name>
psql <db_name> < create_tables.sql

Setup environment variables required for the project:

export OSM_COMMENTS_POSTGRES_URL='postgres://<username>@localhost/osm-comments'
export OSM_COMMENTS_TEST_POSTGRES_URL='postgres://username@localhost/osm-comments-test'


In a node shell:

var notesParser = require('./notes');
notesParser({filename: '/path/to/notes-xml'});

var changesetParser = require('./changesets');
changesetParser({filename: '/path/to/changeset-xml'});

From the terminal:

node index.js <notes|changesets> --filename=/path/to/xml/file


Run npm test

Initial load of changesets

When starting out with an empty database, there is an optimized way to load the initial backlog of changesets. Create an empty folder called csv in the project root and pass the option: initial=true changesetParser. After this command is run, run psql <db_name> < changesets/post_initial.sql to load the CSVs into the database. FIXME: this should be scripted.