An OSOM cli for blazing fast project initialization

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Tired of all the commands I had to write to create a new project and connect it to a new repo, I thought about a solution in the form a "personal cli". And because open source is osom, everyone else can have it an tweak it and whatever you want to do with it.

:dart: Purpose

For now the only thing osom-cli is able to do it to initialize your current working directory as a git repository, create a remote repo and link them together. Osom cli does all the first fetching, pulling/rebase, commit of a new born repository and leaves it ready for you to start working on a fresh new project.


No prerequisites for installation

:wrench: Installing

Install it with your preffered package manager


npm install -g osom-cli


yarn global add osom-cli

or use it one time with npx:

npx osom-cli osom



# Go to your preffered directory
mkdir project-name && cd project-name

# Call osom cli

# Follow de instruction
# 1. Choose a name for your repo
# 2. Write a description (optional)
# 3. Choose a license for your project
# 4. Enter your username
# 5. Enter your gihtub password. It won't show as you type
# 6. Start working. Enjoy your project.

:open_hands: Contributing

If you would like to contribute please fork this repository. Be my guest to contribute with pull requests or participating on any issue. I'm all into open source so any pull request is much appreciated

If you don't know how to contribute to open source I leave you this link with a medium post written by someone else that walks you through open source github contributions.

:car: Roadmap

  Objective Status
:hourglass: Continous Delivery Pending
:hourglass: Semantic Versioning Pending
:hourglass: Create react project Pending
:hourglass: Create angular project Pending
:hourglass: Create vue project Pending

:eyes: Authors


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details