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<script type="module">
  import ourairports from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ourairports';


ourairports.com (csv to json)

Little script to convert the collected data from ourairports.com to json. You can use it also as npm module.

npm install ourairports --save

Because of the size of files (see Data) you have to install them yourself.

cd ./node_modules/ourairports
# to download all
npm run gulp --
# to download a specific file
npm run gulp -- [name - like airports]

It is recommended that you insert the latter step in your project package.json

  "script": {
    "install": "cd node_modules/ourairports && npm run gulp -- [name [name [...]]]"


var ourairports = require('ourairports')

// get Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport
  ourairports.airports.filter(function(ap) {
    if ( ap.iata_code === 'SYD' ) return true


Here is a overview over the given data.

~ Size name description
18 MB airports containing information on all airports on this site.
15 MB runways listing runways for the airports in airports.
4.8_MB navaids listing worldwide radio navigation aids.
33 KB countries list of the world's countries. To interpret the country codes in airports and navaids.
707 KB regions list of all countries' regions (provinces, states, etc.). To interpret the region codes in airports.
3.2 MB frequencies listing communication frequencies for the airports.
name fields
airports id, ident, type, name, latitude_deg, longitude_deg, elevation_ft, continent, iso_country, iso_region, municipality, scheduled_service, gps_code, iata_code, local_code, home_link, wikipedia_link, keywords
runways id, airport_ref, airport_ident, length_ft, width_ft, surface, lighted, closed, le_ident, le_latitude_deg, le_longitude_deg, le_elevation_ft, le_heading_degT, le_displaced_threshold_ft, he_ident, he_latitude_deg, he_longitude_deg, he_elevation_ft, he_heading_degT, he_displaced_threshold_ft
navaids id, filename, ident, name, type, frequency_khz, latitude_deg, longitude_deg, elevation_ft, iso_country, dme_frequency_khz, dme_channel, dme_latitude_deg, dme_longitude_deg, dme_elevation_ft, slaved_variation_deg, magnetic_variation_deg, usageType, power, associated_airport
countries id, code, name, continent, wikipedia_link, keywords
regions id, code, local_code, name, continent, iso_country, wikipedia_link, keywords
frequencies id, airport_ref, airport_ident, type, description, frequency_mhz

CSV Files



Big thanks to David Megginson. Please considure to pay him a visit.