A web component for picking year and month.

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<script type="module">
  import pMonthPicker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/p-month-picker';



<p-month-picker> is a Web Component for selecting month and year. It is built with LitElement and Vaadin components. The default styles are based on Vaadin's Lumo theme.

Screenshot of p-month-picker component
  label="Starting month"


npm install p-month-picker


Name Type Example value
value string "01-2021"
min string "01-2020"
max string "12-2021"
opened boolean false
label string "Starting month"
placeholder string "Pick a month"
disabled boolean false
readonly boolean false
invalid boolean false
monthLabels string[] ["Jan", ..., "Dec"]

Reacting to value changes

const monthPicker = document.querySelector('p-month-picker');

monthPicker.addEventListener('change', e =>
  console.log('New value: ' + e.target.value));

Internationalization (i18n)

Translating month labels in the overlay (to Finnish in this example):

monthPicker.monthLabels = [
  'Tammi', 'Helmi', 'Maalis', 'Huhti',
  'Touko', 'Kesä', 'Heinä', 'Elo',
  'Syys', 'Loka', 'Marras', 'Joulu'

Customizing the presentation format

You can customize how the current value is presented in the input field by overriding the formatValue and parseValue functions.

This example changes the format from 1/2020 to Jan 2020:

monthPicker.formatValue = ({year, month}) =>
  `${monthPicker.monthLabels[month - 1]} ${year}`;

monthPicker.parseValue = (inputValue) => {
  const [firstWord, secondWord] = inputValue.split(' ');
  const month = monthPicker.monthLabels
    .findIndex((label) => label === firstWord) + 1;
  if (month < 1) {
    return null;
  const year = parseInt(secondWord);
  if (isNaN(year)) {
    return null;
  return { month, year };


Apache License 2.0