extension point for pagenodes

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Pagenodes Extras

This library is being built to create a set of modules to be included in pagenodes. This means that you can create any kind of modules you want at ease or configure pagenodes however you would like!

Current Configuration

Think of pagenodes as an engine and these modules as the tie in for its building. This is the proprietary drivers of pagenodes.

File Layout

  • ** index.js **

Use this file for bundling your project together, used as an entry point for variables from the rest of the files in the future.

  • ** modules.js **

This is a file that injects the specifics of modules into pagenodes. It is included in /src/red/nodes/loader.js.

  • ** cachedNodeFiles.js **

This provides the UI with a list of the modules actually loaded and what their names are. It is required in /src/red/nodes/registry/localfilesystem.js

  • ** /modules/ **

These modules will be included in /src/editor/main.js. We want to call these using /src/editor/main.js.

  • ** /nodes/ **

This is the main area of creation of a node. It currently contains an html and corresponding javascript file. The html file is a simple registry and howto for the right panel in the editor. The javascript is the actual functionality of the node.

  • ** /nodeDefs **

This file holds the JS functionality of the UI and what the nodes actually look like. It currently has an html and js file side; however the javascript is the only one in usage. This file is the UI creation of the actual node, color, inputs etc. This is all then included by the modules.js in this directory.